Gina Smeragliuolo began her ballet training at the age of five under the direction of Chelsea Destefano at the Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet in Jamestown, New York. Throughout her years with Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet, she has studied with many outstanding instructors including world-renowned Jean Pierre-Bonnefoux, Beth Elkins, Daniel Ulbricht and Jonathan Stafford, both principal dancers with New York City Ballet, Denis Malinkine and Tatiana Jouravel, both from Milwaukee Ballet, Lenny Holmes, from New York City, Joe Cipolla, artistic director of Configuration Dance Theatre, and her current teacher Monika Alch, who is the artistic director of CRYB.  Gina has attended a summer program at Neglia Ballet Artists in Buffalo NY, where she got to work with instructors including Sergio Neglia, Heidi Halt, Mario Galizzi, and Beverley Bagg. In 2008 she graduated from the Pre-Professional Division at CRYB and was accepted into the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School, where she worked with instructors including Marjorie Grundvig, Dennis Marshall, Janet Popeleski, Anastasia Wovchko, Polly Ribeiro, and Alan Obuzor. Aside from ballet Gina has also studied pilates, and has been involved with music her whole life, playing the violin and trumpet.